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Digital Business Evaluation

Upon completion of this questionnaire, you can schedule your free digital business consult with an Expert from Web Conductors Inc.


    Business Name:

    Business Contact:


    What is driving most sales, producing most success?:

    What has been the biggest challenge?:

    How is this challenge impacting your business?:

    What products or categories generate the most business?:

    What products or categories are the most profitable?:

    Who are your top 2-3 competitors in your trading area?:

    What would you say are your competitive advantages or unique selling propositions that would motivate someone to buy from you vs. a competitor (USP)?:

    What are your goals for this year/ What is the plan for growth/ by %, what is the size of the prize?:

    What do you do on the sales and marketing front to support this growth?:

    What have you put in place to make this initiative successful? How will you measure success?:


    Tell me more about how you market your business and how you currently find clients?:

    What marketing activities have you found work best for you?:

    What is the best performing / most profitable channel?:

    How big is your trading area?:

    What does your target customer profile look like (Demographics)?:

    Tell me more about your clients: how they research, evaluate and buy?:


    What role does digital marketing play in your overall marketing strategy?:

    How much of your current business comes from online?:

    What are you doing or have you done in terms of digital marketing to find customers?:

    To what extent do you think your target market is using the internet to research the kinds of products/services you sell?:

    What results are you getting from your site and online campaigns?:

    What are the biggest challenges online?:

    What perception do people have about your business online? Is there enough relevant information about your business?:

    How do you track and measure results?:


    What is the value of your average sale/project?:

    What is the lifetime value of a customer (CLV)?:

    What is your typical gross margin?:

    How important is repeat business to your sales success?:

    How much opportunity do you have to upsell and/or cross-sell?:

    Prioritize issues you would like to focus on this year, in the next 6 months?:

    How do you go about making decisions for projects of this type and size, what is the process you follow, who gets involved, how long does it take?:

    Have you given some thought to how much you will need to invest to reach that level of sales next year?: