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Digital Planning Case Studies

Transforming 4Pay's Decision-Making with Digital Solutions

Reducing operational costs, increasing revenue, and significantly surpassing ROI expectations.


4Pay, a prominent player in the collaborative banking fintech-as-a-service market, faced challenges in optimizing its operations and decision-making processes. Manual data consolidation, reporting, and analysis were resource-intensive and time-consuming, hindering their ability to respond quickly to market changes. The lack of real-time insights and a standardized reporting framework posed a significant barrier to informed decision-making.


  • Manual processes were driving up operational costs.
  • Time-consuming data gathering, analysis, and reporting.
  • Lack of real-time insights hampered strategic planning.
  • Non-standardized reporting led to inefficiencies and ambiguity.


  • ERP Integration: Seamless integration streamlined data flow and automation, reducing manual effort.
  • Standardized Reporting: Development of standardized templates ensured consistency in re- porting.
  • Dynamic Dashboards: Customizable, real-time dashboards provided real-time insights.
  • Self-Service Capabilities: Users gained the ability to generate customized reports
  • Data Governance: Robust data governance processes ensure data accuracy.
  • Data Security: Implemented data security measures to comply with regulations.


  • Financial Benefits: The digital initiative led to substantial cost savings, a significant increase in revenue, improved net profit, and exceeded ROI expectations.
  • Customer Experience Goals: Customers gained real-time access to critical insights, were able to customize their reporting experience, and benefited from enhanced data visualization.
  • Business Process Goals: The initiative streamlined data integration, established standardized re- porting, enabled agile reporting and analysis, and improved data governance.
  • Digital Solutions Goals: Integrated data management, dynamic dashboard development, and advanced analytics identified trends and opportunities for optimization.

4Pay's Journey to Operational Excellence:

Process Management Transformation for Fintech-as-a-Service


4Pay, a collaborative banking fintech-as-a-service provider, faces operational challenges due to undefined and disparate management processes. These inefficiencies result in increased costs, errors, and reduced customer satisfaction. Recognizing the need for improvement, 4Pay initiates a process management enhancement project.


4Pay embarks on a comprehensive process management improvement initiative. The primary objective is to standardize, streamline, and optimize critical business processes. To develop the strategy, Web Conductors focused on several key areas:


  • After a meticulous implementation of the process management improvement initiative, 4Pay anticipates the following results:
  • Significant Cost Reduction: 4Pay expects to achieve a minimum 15% reduction in operational costs, resulting from streamlined processes, reduced errors, and improved resource allocation.
  • Enhanced Efficiency and Productivity: Improved process efficiency, automation, and standard- ized workflows are projected to lead to faster turnaround times, increased employee productivi- ty, and higher customer satisfaction.
  • Improved Customer Experience: By meeting customer experience goals, 4Pay aims to provide a seamless and personalized experience, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Financial Growth: Streamlined processes and increased customer satisfaction are anticipated to drive revenue growth, helping 4Pay maintain a competitive edge.
  • Positive ROI: The project is expected to yield a positive return on investment, indicating the ef- fectiveness of the initiative in achieving its objectives.

How North Wood Homes Leveraged Digital Transformation to Revolutionize Home Construction and Retail

Streamlined operations, enhanced customer engagement, and increased sales growth and ROI.


North Wood Homes & Renovations Ltd. is a prominent custom home construction and building supply retail company based in Haileybury, Ontario. Despite their dominance in the local market, they faced several operational challenges:

Process Inefficiencies: The company struggled with unorganized processes and procedures, which hindered operational efficiency.

Digital Presence: An unfinished website and limited digital marketing resources restricted their ability to engage customers online and constrained their branding strategy.

Service Dispersion: Services spread across multiple locations resulted in inefficiencies due to excessive travel times and coordination difficulties.


To address these challenges, North Wood Homes collaborated with Web Conductors to implement a comprehensive Digital Adoption Plan (CDAP):

New POS System: Implementation of a modern POS system enhanced sales and inventory management, reducing errors and enabling real-time analytics for better decision-making.

Construction Management Software: Integration of project management and CRM solutions improved communication and collaboration within construction and supply teams and with clients.

Website Revitalization: Development of a new website that effectively communicates the brand’s unique value propositions, integrated with CRM for improved lead generation and cus-tomer interaction.

E-Business Platform: Launch of an e-marketplace to expand customer reach and streamline online sales, providing real-time pricing and product availability.


The digital transformation initiatives led to significant improvements in business operations and customer engagement:

Operational Efficiency: The new systems streamlined operations, significantly reducing manual processes and enhancing overall efficiency.

Increased Digital Engagement: The revamped website and new e-business platform significantly increased online visibility, customer interaction, and sales.

Customer Satisfaction: Improved project management and customer service led to higher client satisfaction and retention rates.

Financial Growth: The technology enhancements led to better inventory management, increased sales growth, and a noticeable improvement in ROI.

Marketing Case Studies

Maximizing Lead Generation for J Austin & Sons: A Targeted SEM Strategy

Leveraging precise search ads in the GTA, this case study illustrates how J Austin & Sons increased qualified leads and revenue with cost-effective digital marketing tactics.


J Austin & Sons is a client of ours in the GTA looking to gain qualified leads for their building material sales.


Leaning into customer behaviour when seeking out new products and services on Google as a signal they’re ready to buy, we’ve set up search ads that only appear at the top of the search results page to the very specific target audience, in the targeted area, so our client’s brand shows up while their offering is being actively sought-after.


From an awareness perspective, their brand name appeared 6,600 times in the last 30 days at no ad cost to the advertiser and drove 140 new prospects to their website at a cost per click (CPC) of $2. The real ROI is looking at the 39 calls, emails and other website engagements they received for >$8 each. With an approximate AOV of $220, that’s nearly $8k of revenue ready for their sales team to win

Strategic Shift to Digital: Enhancing ROI for Wolf Creek Building Supplies

Revealing how reallocating funds from traditional to digital marketing channels significantly lowered costs per conversion and increased revenue by targeting specific customer demographics.


Wolf Creek Building Supplies was spending too much money on traditional marketing efforts such as flyers, radio spots, and exterior signage but couldn’t determine a particular sales boost from these investments. Furthermore, they had a goal to reach a particular customer segment and the targeting was so broad across these traditional channels, they couldn’t be sure if they were reaching them.


Without providing additional marketing budget, they shifted resources over to the Web Conductors team to develop an online strategy to reach their target audience with search engine marketing. Now they have the ability to very specifically target their customer (by age, profession, interests, geographical region, etc.) and monitor the results that are being tracked as their customers engaged with their online advertising (sees an ad, clicks on an ad, shops the website, requests a quote, all of it!).


In just under a year, one location invested approx. $2,500 in ad spend that achieved 492 conversions. That’s around $5 per conversion. As an example of what the return on their investment is; if their average ticket is $75, that’s nearly $75k in revenue Wolf Creek Building Supplies can enjoy because they were able to better reach their target market with digital marketing!

Building Strong Foundations: ML Group's Content Marketing Success

Explore how ML Group leveraged a builder-centric content marketing strategy to enhance brand visibility and secure a top ranking in Toronto’s competitive construction market.


ML Group provides solutions for residential and commercial builders across Southern Ontario to start and finish their projects on time including ready mix concrete, lumber and building supplies and Disposal bin rental services. Located at the Toronto waterfront, they’re in a highly competitive area. Building the brand awareness is a key objective for ML.


A builder-centric content marketing strategy spanning across search and social channels were integrated with a blog and other outreach methods to drive traffic to the website. Each blog post provides content that can be repurposed and shared across these channels, increasing visibility and organic reach at a resourceful and consistent approach.


In just under a year, ML Group significantly boosted its organic search presence, particularly for ready-mix concrete, ranking #2 in Toronto, while also enhancing its brand as a leader in the construction and building industry. This multi-faceted approach achieved higher rankings, attracted more traffic, and ultimately increased business conversions.

Elevating Brand Presence: Aboda Decor's Strategic Contest Marketing Campaign

Discover how Aboda Decor amplified its market awareness and customer engagement through a carefully crafted contest, leveraging digital tools to drive both online and in-store traffic.


Aboda Decor, a high-end furniture store located in Barrie, South, faced significant challenges in increasing market awareness despite its superior product offerings and customer service. The store offers exclusive furniture with design expert support, customization options, and white-glove delivery and assembly services. However, being off the beaten path led to lower foot traffic and limited awareness among potential customers, despite excellent reviews from satisfied customers


To enhance visibility and engagement, Aboda Decor leveraged their modern Shopify website to implement a strategic contest marketing campaign. They introduced a contest app where participants could win a popular item by engaging with the store’s social media platforms, online listings, and leaving reviews. The contest was designed to encourage interaction across various digital channels, thereby boosting online presence and driving traffic to both their website and physical store.


The contest marketing campaign resulted in outstanding outcomes for Aboda Decor:

  • Google My Business Reviews: There was a 100% growth in the number of reviews, effectively doubling the total reviews, which enhanced local SEO and online credibility.
  • Website Traffic: The campaign drove an all-time high in website visitors, significantly increasing potential customer engagement and online sales opportunities.
  • Social Media Engagement: Social media followings increased by 76%, fostering a larger community of engaged followers and potential customers.

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