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Marketing Questionnaire


Business Name:

Contact Person:

Phone Number (Business):

Phone Number (Cell/Alternate):

Email Address:

Business Address:

Mailing Address:

If AYR/RWS/Tailbase - who is your account manager? What is their contact information?:


When is your birthday? (Optional):

Are you married? (Optional):

Do you have any children? If so, what are their names and birthdays? (Optional):

What is your favourite hobby? (Optional):

What is your favourite family activity? (Optional):


Tell us about your business (who, what, where, when & why):

List of brands (in order of importance):

List of products/services or categories (in order of importance):

Which products/services generate the most gross margin for you?:

What is your typical gross margin?:

People typically buy things to solve a problem or make their lives better. How do your products/services solve a problem or improve someone's life (if not already obvious)?:

How important is repeat business to your sales success?:

How much opportunity do you have to up-sell and/or cross-sell?:

What is the lifetime value of a typical customer (CLV)?:

Are there any seasonal elements to your business?:

Are there specific colours/colour codes or fonts we should use in creatives?:


What is your target location?:

Who is the primary target (demographics, personality traits, behaviors as customers)?:

Who is the secondary target (demographics, personality traits, behaviors as customers)?:

Is there a time of day or specific days of week (e.g. mainly weekends) that your target audience is researching your products/services?:

Who are your top 2-3 competitors? What would you say are your competitive advantages or unique selling propositions that would motivate someone to buy from you instead?:

How do customers in your industry research, evaluate and buy your products/services (online/in-person...)?:

What elements do you think are most important to your buyers in terms of your products/services...what are their "value drivers?":


How is your business doing? What is driving the most sales, producing the most success?:

What has been your biggest challenge? How is this impacting your business?:

What does success look like for you this upcoming year/6 months/quarter?:

What have you thought about doing to achieve sales goals?:

What is your primary goal (online purchases, point of contact, reviews, traffic to store or site)?:

What actions or events do you want to see taken from the website (for conversion tracking)?:


What marketing activities have you found work best for you?:

What marketing activities have you found haven't worked well for you?:

What are you doing/have you done in terms of digital marketing to find customers?:

How has digital marketing worked for you thus far?:

To what extent do you think your target market is using the internet to research the kinds of products/services you sell?:

What are some keywords that are most relevant to your products/service?:

Client Approved daily Google Ad Spend:

What is your HST/Tax # (for Google Ads)?:


What is your website/landing page URL?:

Do you have access to your website hosting? If yes, please provide credentials:

Do you have an existing Google AdWords account? If so, what is your access credentials:

Do you have an existing YouTube channel? If so, what is your access credentials:


Add brand guidelines (if you don't have these and would like them, let us know!):

Add customer persona (if you don't have one but would like one, let us know!):

Add previously conducted marketing research (if you don't have any but would like some, let us know!):

Please upload any content to the Dropbox folder we created for you, including:

- Company Logo (vector/transparent preferably)

- Brand Logos

- Product/Service Images

- Product/Service Prices (if advertising)

- Videos

- Other Assets (Brochures, Commericals, Mp3 Files)

Additional notes and other preferences:

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