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Terms & Conditions:

Rule #1

You must be 35 or older.

Rule #2

You must live within an 80 km radius of Sudbury.

Rule #3

You must have worked with a family, estate or criminal lawyer in the last 3 years.

Rule #4

You must be able to articulate your thoughts.

Rule #5

The selected registrants will be notified by phone and email.

Rule #6

The meeting will be hosted via Zoom from the comfort of your home.

Rule #7

The meeting will be hosted one on the week of Aug 24-28. Once confirmed, we will update you.

Rule #8

The participants will be paid a $100 visa gift card delivered by the local mail.

Rule #9

If we don't get 10 registrants that meet our criteria, the meeting will be cancelled and all payments will be void (we will keep you mind for future focus groups though)

Rule #10

Web Conductors Inc. reserves the right to cancel this event at any time for any reason.