We're an Approved Digital Advisor of the Canadian Digital Adoption Program

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CDAP is right for you if you're looking to...

Reduce overhead

Speed up

Respond to
clients faster

Manage inventory
more efficiently

Improve supply
chain logistics

You can apply if your business...

Is a Private

Is Canadian

Is for profit

Has between
1-499 full-time

Has $500,000 -
$100,000,000 in
annual revenue

How Will This Help My Business?

This is a game changing, limited time opportunity to digitally enhance your business!

Who Qualifies:

Eligible SMEs will receive a grant for 90% of their fees (up to $15,000) to pay a digital advisor to help them develop a digital adoption plan.

  • Sole proprietors or businesses incorporated under the laws of Canada or a province/ territory
  • For-profit
  • Privately owned
  • Full time equivalent employees between 1 – 499
  • $500,000 to 100MM of annual revenues in one of the previous three years

What to Expect

The Outcome

  • Expert analysis of your company‚Äôs internal structure to identify efficiencies.
  • Gap evaluation of your existing digital presence and market ranking.
  • Extensive competitor knowledge gained to leverage.
  • Current local market trends identified to adapt to.
  • Current local customer shopping trends identified to support. Especially valuable given the shift in shopping behaviours post-pandemic.
  • A detailed roadmap to meet your specific business goals.
  • Opportunity to drive marketplace recognition with digital branding strategies, enhance your operational procedures, and utilize other tools beneficial to the various organizational levels.
  • Not only will you have actionable items as an outcome, but you’ll also have a guide to your marketing efforts going into 2023.

NOTE: CDAP for Canadian businesses fund is limited – first come, first serve.

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